About eSIM data roaming

  • 190+ countries

  • Viðráðanlegt verð

  • Auðveld uppsetning á eSIM

  • Óþarfi að skipta um SIM kort

Leiðin þín til að fá hagkvæmt, hágæða og öruggt gagnareiki!

  • Say goodbye to high roaming fees
  • Secure alternative to public Wi-Fi
  • Simple eSIM installation on supported devices
  • Valid for 12 months after purchase
  • Easy to top-up and manage
  • Works in over 190 countries, many with 5G

Af hverju að nota eSIM?

Why overpay for data roaming? With a Breeze eSIM you can enjoy seamless data wherever you go, with no need to change your number or deal with plastic SIM cards. It’s the easy, affordable way to stay connected —  just scan the QR code and you’ll be ready to go in a few minutes.

Studdir farsímar

All unlocked iPhones made since 2018 and most new Android phones support eSIM. This means you can enjoy low-cost, high quality mobile data abroad and keep your mobile number active for important calls and SMS.  

Not sure if your model is supported? See the full list of eSIM capable devices here.

Getting started is easy

We’ve created some step by step resources to help you get started with your eSIM and manage your account. Just head to our support page for everything you need to know, or drop us a line if you have any more questions. 

You’ll receive an SMS notification once your package begins, and we’ll also let you know when you’ve reached 80% and 100% of your allocated data.

Re-use and save even more!

Your eSIM can be topped up and reused up to 12 months after your last trip. You can also purchase data plans for your loved ones and manage all your eSIMs in one account.