Benefits of eSIM roaming data

  • 150+ countries

  • Affordable pricing

  • Easy eSIM setup

  • No physical SIM swap

Your gateway to affordable, high-quality and secure data roaming!

  • Save up significant costs with our data roaming packages compared to standard roaming charges
  • Simple eSIM  installation on supported devices
  • Top-up and use again up to 12 months after your last usage
  • Works in over 150 countries worldwide with 5G in some destinations
  • Avoid unsafe and unstable Wi-fi connections

Why use an eSIM?

Why overpay for data roaming?  With our data roaming you can stay connected in over 150 countries worldwide with 5G ready data connectivity. No plastic SIM card and no changing your number. Just scan our QR code and install your data roaming package as an eSIM or “embedded SIM” in a matter of minutes. 

Supported Mobile Phones

All unlocked iPhones from the XS up (2018) support eSIM as do most new Android models. Which means that with our data roaming you can enjoy low-cost, 5G enabled, where available, mobile data in over 150 countries worldwide, without having to switch over physical SIMs. No more unsecured WiFi networks, and you can keep your mobile number active for important calls and text messages.  

You can access here the list of eSIM compatible phones.

Re-use and save even more!

Your eSIM can be topped up and reused up to 12 months after your last trip.  With over 150 countries supported worldwide we have you covered wherever you go.

You can also purchase data plans for your loved ones so you can manage all the eSIMs in one account and also share the QR codes for those people whom you have purchased eSIM’s for.

You will receive an SMS notification once you have started to use your package and also when you have reached 80% and 100% of your allocated data so you can top up after entering into your account.

How to buy?

First things first, let’s check where you’re going!

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